Hi, I am Jackie J.
Guiding you To A New TALENTVANTAGE

As a seasoned leadership and organizational development consultant, I excel in uncovering and addressing the underlying friction that is festering, thereby expanding the realm of possibilities and paving the way for growth and progress.

I believe that leaders want to elevate their people and business.

Overcoming obstacles requires openness to new perspectives, a willingness to challenge your assumptions and a commitment to continual learning and growth. I’m talking about moving from good to great. From individualist to collective. From energy depleting to energy generating. This is transformation and no one can do it alone.

Together, we go farther.

Let’s talk about how a new vantage point can transform your organization.


I am passionate about the interplay between leadership, culture, business, and people. I love to help people discover the leader within and move organizations from friction to flow. As an established leadership and organization development practitioner, I help discover, diagnose, and create customized solutions for individuals and teams. I believe that development and growth – personally and in business – cannot happen without taking action to explore what is possible.


Venturing into new or unfamiliar territory presents many variables; some may be anticipated, and others have been mildly irritating obstacles that have been known for some time, but as we set off on the course, it is often the emerging obstacles that leaders struggle to overcome despite good intentions. Credibility and confidence begin to waver, only to be weighted by one more thing, but you don’t have to go it alone. I am here to help chart the course, facilitate discovery, and celebrate the many vantage points of progress.


At a young age, my experiences imparted me with the ability to see life through many different lenses. This fostered my natural curiosity to understand people and appreciate differences that serve as differentiators of strengths. Fast-forward to my career, I often found myself as the glue in leadership transitions, crisis responses, program development, process and performance improvement, and creative problem-solving. I always strive to bring people with me and then hurry after them.

VAN٠TAGE | noun: vantage point | a place or position affording a good view of something

Together we DISCOVER your talentVantage.

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