Learn to train your brain and build the mental skills to perform at your best every day.

Most attempts at positive change fall short when pioneering your path to excellence because they often stop at gaining insights without the critical step of building lasting habits. Your mind is your best friend. But it can also be your worst enemy. That’s where our Mental Fitness program, known as the PQ -Positive Intelligence® Program, comes into play.

Our program is rooted in groundbreaking research-based tools designed to strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and silence the part that sabotages you. In addition, you will have the option to build a customized package to include one-on-one or team coaching sessions to target your personal pathway to excellence.

The result? You’ll be equipped to tackle leadership and workplace challenges with a more positive mindset, leading to reduced stress, enhanced well-being, and increased productivity. Reach out to join the next mental fitness gym session here!

Why Choose PQ Positive Intelligence?
Proven Success.
Our PQ program is based on the groundbreaking development work of Shirzad Chamine at Stanford University and is now available worldwide for various life and work applications. The TalentVantage proudly offers comprehensive support and guidance through the PQ Program for individuals, coaches, teams, businesses, and organizations. The concept, platform, online and mobile-friendly application, and materials have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients, and we’re excited to bring this transformative approach to you.

Join the PQ Positive Intelligence® Program today and take the first step toward handling life and work challenges with a renewed sense of positivity and reduced stress.

We believe in the power of consistent daily practice to lay down neural pathways and help you form new habits that last.

Our program empowers you to embrace this core principle, leading to immediate and sustained improvements in your well-being and performance.

The results span both performance and wellness.

Mental Fitness Accelerator
Our program is designed with your success in mind, incorporating daily practice, weekly focus, group support, and measurable progress.

Join us for the PQ 8-week intensive program to build your Positive Intelligence foundation.

Get Started Today! Don’t miss this opportunity to take the first step toward a more positive mindset, less stress, and a path to excellence.

What’s Included?

  • Individual Program – A seven-week Mental Fitness Bootcamp including an app-guided program
  • The Bootcamp: Weekly one-hour video sessions released on Saturdays with daily mental fitness reminders
  • App guided challenges in two-minute, five-minute, or 15-minute increments “Reps” to recharge and build mental muscle throughout the day
  • Six accountability coaching sessions once a week for 30 minutes, a 1:1 – 45-minute closing session
  • For group pricing and design, one-hour team sessions, or workshops, please schedule a discovery call or email to request a proposal for your team or organization at:
Take the assessment and meet your saboteurs!

Schedule your complimentary call.

Why does this matter?

Today, we are living with increased stress and uncertainty. Our capacity, capabilities, and communication skills are continuously strained in the dynamic world of work, which impacts how we show up and build or jeopardize relationships.

The changing work environment is becoming more uncertain.

Are you ready to hit the mental fitness gym and strengthen your Positive Intelligence® muscles?

Positive Intelligence® is the mental fitness program that helps teams achieve peak performance in today’s dynamic workplace environment. Our approach systematically builds the pillars of mental fitness to create sustained improvements in performance, engagement, well-being, and relationships while establishing a growth mindset across the organization.

Together we DISCOVER your talentVantage.

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