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No ‘one map’ solution leads organizations forward in talent strategy, recruitment operations, or engagement.

Bringing a foundation in learning and development, workforce strategy, talent acquisition, and mentoring people leaders, your business gains a strategic edge with a tailored roadmap to navigate, equip, and set the pace toward practical workplace milestones guided towards business objectives and people capability.

Leveraging extensive experience and expertise, we assist in formulating strategies and process enhancements, organizational development, and enhancing talent management initiatives.


Develop Your Leadership
High-Performing Teams
Resiliency, Adaptability & Innovation
Mental Fitness & Emotional Intelligence
Communication & Listening
Value-Based Decision Making
Leadership & Transitional Coaching
Predictive Index Hire & Inspire
Assessments & Audits
Competency Mapping

Fractional Talent Solutions

The challenge of being an HR practitioner and Business Leader can feel both isolating and overwhelming in small to mid-size businesses.

Growth is exciting, yet it makes HR projects and initiatives challenging, especially for small to medium-sized teams. As a Fractional HR Leader, we can assist with the lift or serve as the guide in talent attraction, recruitment operations, and onboarding.

Our team of experts crafts talent strategies that fit your organization and align with your mission.

From talent acquisition to leadership development and employee engagement, our solutions are designed to move from obstacle to opportunity.

Between business strategy and business results is the journey of talent optimization.
How do you design a winning team?
Make informed hiring decisions?
Equip and inspire for greatness?

The Head, Heart, and the Briefcase
The predictive index, often referred to as a Predictive Index (PI), is a valuable tool for business leaders looking to optimize their workforce, improve employee performance, and make more informed human resources decisions.

It is a short, statistically validated behavioral assessment and workforce analytics tool that helps organizations understand the behavioral traits and drives of their employees or job candidates, allowing business leaders to make more informed decisions when it comes to hiring, team building, conflict resolution, employee engagement, and succession planning.

By leveraging the insights provided by the Predictive Index, businesses can create a more productive, satisfied, and harmonious work environment while improving their bottom line.

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